Keep on fasterthe reason

The secret of the speed of the GSS is in the history accumulated by the players.

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Set the world on stage GSS

The stage of activities such as overseas camp projects and acceptance of overseas players is the world.

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Share progress Friends

From top borders to gate beginners, fellows gather from across the country.

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Introduction of the season course Winter GSS

The GSS prepares menus that meet the individual goals.

Freestyle board is okay. Some people became top players on a freestyle board as it is.

Player Course

This course is targeted at players who have big goals. Of course, players who are seriously aiming for Olympic gold medals as well as pros, but the fields are different, but the players who are aiming for victory in tech pickup, still fittings ...

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Course for adults

Teaching philosophy: Everest if you climb up anyway! Is the basic concept. It can be said that it is a celebration of a social human snowboarder, an official tournament with the JSBA All Japan Championships as the lead, and a number of social workers on the podium at the All Japan Championship ...

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Junior course

Instructional philosophy: Even if you say junior to a bite, there is a big difference between primary school students and high school students. Also, there is an individual difference for the same age, physically and mentally. So I decided to match the growth stage of each junior player ...

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PDF version, GSS Camp schedule 2017 / 2018 (2nd edition)

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Because there is a possibility of schedule change, confirmation on the Facebook page (GSS Snowboard Camp) is preferable.

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Information bulletin board


PDF version, GSS Camp schedule 2017 / 2018 (2nd edition)

Click to view
Because there is a possibility of schedule change, confirmation on the Facebook page (GSS Snowboard Camp) is preferable.

Facebookページ(GSS Snowboard Camp)




Information on starting GSS season course recruitment <GSS20 The protagonist of the anniversary is you! ! >


[Benefits of the Season Course]

① 中長期 的 な 視点 か ら の ア ド バ イ ス が 受 け ら れ る ま す
② 各 プ ラ ン ご と に 定 め ら れ た 定額 制 な の で 参加 回 数 が 増 え れ ば 増 え る ほ ど 1 回 ご と の 参加 費 が 割 安 に な り ま す
③ Camp participation fee to be held outside Sugadaira and participate / purchase snowboard goods handled by GSS at member prices

Those who wish to apply please contact us from the "inquiry form" on this site.
Detailed explanation of racing program



Sugadaira Pine Beak Ski Area


Shinshu Sugadairakogen Pine Beech Ski Resort Home Page




Overseas Camp (China)


2017 / 2018GSS Yulong (China) camp
2018 year 1 end of the month ~ 2 early month, 3 the end of the month scheduled
For detailed schedule and fees etc, please contact us at "This site inquiry format".



Entry for GSS events is easy for digi entry




Introduction of GSS Gate Lesson

The GSS celebrated its 20 anniversary. The 20th anniversary GSS



GSS (Global Snowboard Service) supplemented to 1998 year celebrated the 20 anniversary.

20 Respond to each customer 's needs with the player development system cultivated over the years and the latest technology and information abroad.





The appealing point of the GSS lesson menu is as follows.


◯ Preparing a reinforcement schedule throughout the season

(Each year, there is a proven record that prepares the entire gate season schedule in detail)


◯ Training with top players

Witness the secret of the speed of the top players, which is not conveyed by words and videos, leading to speed and skill.


◯ Time measurement, video meeting

If the weather is not very bad condition, time measurement and video meeting will be held every time.

We will also perform video delivery at lesson (planned)


◯ Ideal for improving skills such as free styler, SBX, technical type, race alone is not GSS.


◯ Video meeting
On snow, there are skill with guidance on gate tactics, skilling skills at meeting and form guidance.
(There are times when you can teach even on the snow such as a habit on the runway which must be rectified)


Detailed explanation of racing program


GSS will continue to be with you, please let us know your request.


Coach, contract rider introduction




Makoto Matsuzi / Akira Matsuzato

GSS Representative Head Coach and Racing Department Chief Coach
SAJ Snowboard Instructor
CASI (Canadian Snowboard Association) Level 2 Instructor
CSIA (Canadian Ski Association) Level 3 Instructor
CSCF (Canadian Ski Coaching Association) Level 2 Coach
JSBA official A grade coach, same A grade setter, Japanese sports association official recognition coach etc.

1995 year professional registration qualification acquisition
95 ~ 96 Year GS Domestic Ranking 1 place (SAJ)
1996 1 FIS Snowboard World Championship appearance
1998 year working retirement → Nagano Olympic Holland after working as a temporary coach, assumed the national team coach of Japan
The same year (with) GSS set up
2003 Year Aomori Asian Games Taiwanese representative coach
NHK BS1 / Fuji TV World Cup commentator

Based on the world's most advanced technology and information acquired overseas, we will teach you easily and intelligently.








Special coach Jasey-Jay Anderson

Vancouver Olympics (2010), Parallel GS Gold Medalists
World Cup Total Champion (2000 ~ 2004, 4th consecutive)
World Cup snowboard cross general champion (2001 ~ 02, 05 ~ 06)
Snowboarder who has received the most awards in Canada
Official Site
(See wikipedia)


"When you slide it is only when it stops."


Overseas gate camp information

China キ ャ ン プ, コ ロ ラ ド キ ャ ン プ, 11 month to urge to be set.

Introduction of WinterTree products

It is popular all over the worldProducts handled WinterTreeIntroduction





There are reasons for being expensive






Freestyle is also high power





J.J SnowBoard

Condensed world's best know-how of alpine and SBX






Illustration printed on board with custom made
With the option, you can print original designs on top sheet graphics.





For sale,WinterTree OnLine Shop またはDear each agentWe deal with it.


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