A certain day of Sugadaira

Sugadaira yesterday's morning was a sunny day with no cloud ♪ Sugadaira Omatsu area Up before practice at Fujimi course at the summit.

Around the summit of Oomatsu, top of Fujimi course. Mountains on the right are Mt. Asama (2,568 m), the mountain on the left is Xian (2,354 m)

Fuji can be expected quite far ♪

In the morning, because it was a GS gate next to everyone of Sasaki Juku, we talked in advance and set it to parallel GS.

In the afternoon, we had less participants so we took free-run practice & video shooting.

From the way, I entered a special lecture by Charisma Border Sudo Takutaro, and I was touched even below freezing.

The video is Champion Course of Sugadaira Omatsu. Kanto region qualifying GS, Tokai region qualification GS, GSS Sanada Tsuyoshi Cup GS, the stage.

Sugadaira Pine beak ski area.The grade of progress is buried here.