Great work ever! What?

Everyone long time no see.
Despite this season where the season is approaching, it has been posted for the first time in a long time.


And finally 9 month 25 day, the representatives of both organizations signed the contract, the efforts were fruitful.

PSA is the oldest Pro Tour in the world and it is the only one present.

Meanwhile, China is beginning to develop rapidly towards the Beijing Olympics, and media and companies' attention is increasing year by year.


I think that I could have contributed to the snowboard competition world that is indebted, but if I could further develop this, I would be proud that when I looked back on my life it was a great job in my life I think that it is.

In order to develop this partnership that we have concluded with thanks to the flexible and speedy decision-making of all the parties, with a transient special demand, to develop into a partnership with continuity and development Your understanding and cooperation are essential.

We appreciate your cooperation for the future of the alpine competition.

It is an announcement at the end.


On October 21, we will hold a collaboration camp of GSS and Mr. Tadanori Shirakawa at Tokyo ski snowboard gym.

Karuizawa early morning Gate camp and so on will be accepted at a few days in a few days.