Year-end SL strengthening week! ! (Schedule announcement of 1 month 1 ~ 4 day in the second half)

As a result of combining weakness = ski set, GS becomes a settled straight vertical drop set. (Although it is also a good exercise sometimes)

So I decided to concentrate on SL Gate practice, which has relatively high degree of freedom of settlement even during year-end and New Year holidays.
This is my first try in the 20 season. By practicing an intentional set according to the theme of the day, I'm looking forward to see how effective the prospects of leading to Slalom Master will be achieved


On the 28 day many of the social workers said that it was the day of paying work, so the number of participants was small, so I first practiced while being conscious of matching the timing to the gate as a breakthrough.

29 day morning conscious of the world cup set at intervals 12m interval! It seems that the direction of the world has changed to a narrower and deeper set. In the set of JSBA, there are almost no sets to switch off, and in recent years turns are gradually becoming deep and technical trends.

With a tight set, the loss is not allowed due to poor position etc., the issue will be highlighted.
I also intended that each player realize the task.

Warriors of 12 name who challenged 28m


But now I am in the practice period, so I realize that I can not do it = It is important that it is important to clarify the problem.

A video meeting

The first thing is to recognize the task by myself while sliding, but in order to supplementally explain the intention of doing something short advice on the snow or to prompt awareness, we hold a video meeting everyday after practice.

On the morning of 30 I practiced the SL gate with sufficient distance from the top to the bottom of the panorama course.
There are various turning technologies, but athletes who can choose the optimum technique and capture the course are fast and stable players = strong players.

While watching, there were some players who failed at the gate part where the speed change occurs, although it is possible to slide very well in the part, (as a result of a good slide, resulting in a faster turn speed).

Because skiers who skate quickly have technology and degree chest, then it is a point that said that it is possible to adjust to strategy, set, snow quality & slope (whether you can choose the best technology).

1 It is the current set tendency that it is not going to pass in the normal condition, but in a sense the old SL became a PSL (DU) system and the slope and the set became monotonous More than ever more diverse technologies and altitudes Because we needed a strategy, it may be said that we have returned to the origin point.

In any case, in order to raise young momentum players who will be playing the next generation and the next generation to a truly strong player who is fast and stable rather than a player who gives a fast time but a low completion rate, I am trying to consciously practice and acquire a wide range of technologies at an early stage.

Everyone of the social players who finished sliding the course around 50 seconds was short of breath enough to want to hear that "even ran out of the marathon?" (Laugh)

However, I was surprised at a good meaning, as I expected to have a high completion rate.

In other words, there are many people who make slippery clever for that much, but their task is to increase the limit value, such as increasing the angle of inclination, speed, the upper limit angle at which edges can be made.

This can be done at once with improving positions, but the step is a step by step.

Next generation (middle 3 & middle 1), next generation (small 3 & small 4) players

On the afternoon of 30 day, I divided the course into the upper part and the lower part, trying to maintain the speed at which the upper part is difficult and the gentle slope occupies 8 rate and to further accelerate it. The lower part is a specification that you can attach instruments and check results immediately.

Since the next exercise frame was available, I got a little more time and got 2 times more lift than usual.

Everyone, this time around for sleeping for tomorrow 's practice will be around this time.

Sorry I made you wait.

We will inform you of the practice schedule from New Year's Eve ~ 1 Month 4 day.

Venue: Tsubakuro Slope
時間割  午前    午後
集合  08:15    12:00
練習  08:30~10:30 12:30~14:30
Video meeting 15: 00 ~

Practice event
Month, morning afternoon Burn
New Year's Eve SL SL Panorama
New Year's Day SL SL Champion
2nd GS SL champion
3日 GS SL  チャンピオン
4日 GS GS  午前=7番、午後=チャンピオン

Participation fee Half day 4.000 yen Full day 7.000 yen

All periods, welcome to join the day.