Sugadaira Pine beak ski resort season ticket released on 1st September

17-18 season ticket flyer

It was officially announced that a season ticket at the base of GSS = Sugadaira Pine Beech ski area will be released on September 1.

As the number of JSBA certified conventions to be held in Sugadaira will also increase, those who participate in the GSS season course are obvious, of course, I think that it seems to be the most useful season ticket this season even if not so.

<There is also a season ticket and try trying out a little GSS camp>

I am expecting a little wind like that.

We do not purchase groups of early-seasonal season tickets so please apply directly for the GSS season members to the ski resort.
In that case, please use GSS in the belonging team field when using Paul Burn.

For the GSS '2017/2018 season program summary, we will upload it to the official website by August 31.

Well, Saas Fee, today was the best weather.

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The usual gondola also began to operate and it was able to rise to snow on altitude of 3,500 m without stress.

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The summer camp of GSS is the camp which made the basic acquisition the maximum purpose, indeed Saas Fe camp till the year before last year was a free-run only camp. It was popular as it was necessary for the board test of Kawaguchi Kohei last year that got a gate, so I brought it from Japan though it is only a short pole so that I can practice gates again this time.

Today I set up a SL gate on a steep slope.

Because Saas Fee's Gate Burn is usually determined by the priority order of the national team → the public team at the level below → the private team, it is a private team and snowboarding and a small number of GSS can only take physical courses, In this camp it is set as you like in the place you want to stretch.

A ski team with a higher level sets as soon as possible to a good location and withdraws quickly.

Because they usually only practice with hard burns (like glaciers).

But for us snowboarders a bit relaxed burn is not a problem at all. Moreover, since only a small number of people slip several times, it is not too rough.

Why can you put up a course you like by writing so far? You already know the secret!

In other words, in anticipation of opening a good burn that the national team and others held, I did not reserve a burn (I made a reservation in the meaning of putting it somewhere), wait for the burn that I want to use and open the gate As I set it, I was able to set it on my favorite course as I liked.

We are doing the basic practice which is the priority purpose of camping until the gateburn is opened.
Today, I saw the weather forecast that it will be warm this week, many teams have returned, so the number of teams is small, so I thought I wanted to set up a gate on the steep slope I wanted to use from the first morning, but as usual it is a free run I did a basic practice.

After that, I set the gate a little earlier than usual, I withdrew five slips.

It was a day that I finished free-runing for one hour in mind with technical problems felt in the gate after withdrawal.

Although the main purpose of the camp is basically confirmed and mastered, the problem is raised by sliding the gate, the person himself consciously consents and enters the basic practice (free run) In terms of feeling, the gate practice is limited to 4 to 5 a day as a good accent.

I will use the GS board for the first time at this camp tomorrow.

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