2017 Saas Fee camp first half

Today is Sunday, unlike the winter season I think many of the skiers & snowboarders visiting the slopes are competitors, but the summer sausfe has more vacation in the weekend.

Guessing from the reservation status of the burn, the number of teams was about two thirds of the weekday yesterday (Saturday) and today was about half, so I expected to be able to practice well without gondola crowding, Despite this, it became closed.

I am very sorry but it is a sport to do in nature so I can not get it. There is no choice but to accept it.

Honestly, this camp is one more time than the last three Saas Festival summer camps. As with the weather side, it was up to the slopes with a cable car until yesterday for inspection work of the gondola. This cable car, the scenery is good, but the transportation power is insufficient, and it may take more than double the time for the summit station arriving in about 30 minutes in the usual year. It extended the opening hours of the slope T bar lift by 1/2 hours accordingly, so I was able to secure the level of sliding time that the legs could be stuck, but the waiting time of the ascent and descent was stress.

Things that may be included in the image: mountains, clouds, sky, nature, outdoors

Still, at SaasFee, the World Ski and Snowboard World Cup players gathered from around the world, including the Swiss National Ski Team, and this time they are still able to practice while watching their slide up close. Even if it goes bad, is it a Saas Fee?

Actually, summer Europe has a high temperature, I heard that glacier slopes in France and Italy have already closed, but even under such circumstances, I was able to slide five days out of seven days, It can be said that it is a swamp stone Saas Fee!

Things that may be included in the image: clouds, mountains, sky, nature, outdoors


The top priority on the technical aspect is <Basic confirmation / acquisition>.

Everyone is a player who has taught 1 to 3 seasons so far, but when you talk to video meetings and during meals while taking a shared life, something that has not been communicated even times Yes, I feel the difficulty to tell.

Things that may be included in the image: mountains, sky, clouds, outdoors, nature

However, it does not misunderstand the technical thing, it is not understood, the priority is wrong.

It is not limited to the players participating this time,


I think that.

In this camp, I pointed out the fact to the players again.

I think that it is good for it to enjoy with a hobby, but as a competition player it is a big problem.



Things that may be included in the image: mountains, sky, clouds, nature, outdoors

As a countermeasure, "taking a note" is effective.

You can organize your memories by noting the practice content, noticing what you noticed, advice, you can look back at the balance and check the balance.


However, no one will try to practice anyone noticing necessity. Therefore, in this camp, in order to make it realize how exercises (free run) of each player are single, I point out and point out specific examples that I felt while watching the practice of the day at the video meeting I will.


However, I hear only the things I want to hear, free-runs are still a single one, and I just repeat a normal turn that I can not say that I am working on the task that I should feel.



Well then today's free-run was used as an exercise to overcome the problem? You did not?

I finally heard my advice but I realize that I have not practiced it. (Still it will not run tomorrow, but ...)


By doing so, I expect to grow to the player who can arrange the optimum balance of issues, their priorities, and things to practice by themselves. Since I work hard while thinking physical training everyday thinking about training balance, it is a waste not to tackle the most main snow practice well-balanced.