2017 Saas Fee camp summary

Today the Saas Fee camp of 12 nights ended.
Tonight I will put together my luggage and will come to the end of tomorrow morning.

It was the 4th Saas Fee Camp this time, but the temperature has been high at the same time every time it was held at the same time, and it is due to that it may be caused by thunderstorms several times, it became a blessed weather camp It was.

I feel that I could not slip less than half of the schedule sensibly, but as I counted it I could practice for 6 days, so I could have digested two-thirds of my plan with something.


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In the opening camp

<Even if you practice in the same environment and you receive guidance from the same coach, how much you notice and how much you can do depends on individual differences. Do what you can do firmly, do not miss encounters and opportunities, please raise yourself>

Although I talked as saying, I think that this time was really a camp where such human power is questioned.

Four athletes who participated this time have teens, twenties, thirties, and forties one by one.


Even the youngest Zhou Taro slipped to the end time of T bar lift, even though it was not said on a sliding day, Contre also voluntarily went almost every day. He also worked on independent studies. I do not say a complaint of a single complaint every day I did not get it, I think that it was a positive day to tackle the circumstances of him and to tackle what I can do.

Snowboarding is a sport to do in the midst of nature, I think that there are still many things that weather and snow quality will not be as desired.

<I will do my best to do what I can do in a given environment! >

今回の恵まれなかったキャンプでそのことを学び、この先折に触れて思い出して糧にすることが出来たとき、今回のキャンプでの日々が意味深いものになるのではないかと思います。技術練習は予定の6~7割しかできなかったけれど、精神面で何かを得て成長できたとしたらそれは一生の宝です。 スノーボード選手としては例えば悪天候の日やスケジュールが狂った大会でめっぽう強い選手に成ってくれたら嬉しいです!

While thinking about such a thing I had gone to the mountaintop station by taking the gondola and the climbing train.

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Number 4 has no lift ticket, so I was playing with the White Golden Retriever at the rest house in the changing place of the mountain train and Gondola summit station, waiting while drinking beer.


Lu Lu and number 4 that will help me with something, they were also really saved camps.

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Helen 's participant, Helen and her husband Spifano (Italian) made dinner every night.

Moreover, because it is an Italian, or because it is a restaurant manager, it was very delicious.

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Briefly summarizing Saas Fee camp this summer, weather was not blessed, but I think that it was a camp that gained mutual benefit thanks to the blessings of the participants.

in recent years,

"Last year's average temperature in the world recorded a record high while observation records were in place."

I have a lot of years to hear reports about.

Perhaps it may be to update the record this year.

Is it a flow that we can not stop stopping the place where we can love snow sports and the period becomes shorter?

I do not know how many years or decades, but I think the summer glacier slope is highly likely to become an old story.

If so, the photos taken today may be valuable records in 100 years! What?

In the past, people came from all over the world to ski and snowboard here. Look, this Oriental man seems to have fun ♪>

I hope to close this camp report with a picture smiling nicely so that people in 100 years will be able to think.