2017 Yulong Camp 3rd Report

GSS Yulong Camp 11 Month Location It is the report of the latter half.
We practiced the SL gate for the first half 2 days and the GS gate for the second half.
Beautiful person in front of left hand is Gloria player

The first day of slalom was unusual snow and soft snow quality.
Chinese players were struggling, but that is also a good experience.

On the 2 day we returned to the usual burn situation on our usual course.

The patrolling people make net for us every day.
Thanks, you can practice safely.
Thank you very much though it is work.

The theme of this week was <to raise the level from the side cut turn to the pressure turn>.

The players here are generally high in carving ability.
It is a suitable slope for the environment and I think that Mr. Xie's influence is also great.
SL is still full because it meets the gate yet, GS was conscious of the pressure turn.

It is only Luro that we can make a pressure turn as it is at the present moment.
Therefore, on the GS1 day, there was a difference between 2 and 4 seconds with Xu Mr. X NUMX group.

At the video meeting of the day, lecture while comparing the images about the pressure turn.
Everybody listens to lectures every day from 1 to 2 hours while taking memorable notes.
On the contrary it was fresh that the young man who had fallen asleep was apologizing after the end.

Well, yesterday's practice I greeted so far was that Gloria players from the active World Copper participated, and it seemed that all the athletes, including Lu Lu, increased more than usual and felt enthusiastic. Gloria players are those who manufacture and sell that famous Allflex plate at the world rank 23 position (personal story). I am staying here because my father Peter is coaching the Chinese National team.

Kill Gloria players!

It was Lu Lu which was in a burning mood, but it is only 0.1 second worth 2 second, considering handicapped handicap, it is still more to be done, but steadily growing considering last time it was the same time with Japanese girl pro You can also feel what you are doing from time.


It's only a few turns yet, but it's truly amazing that you have acquired a pressure turn!

I think that it is close to the day to overcome the problem of speed over if the good turns continue several turns and the line going down too much and stalling.

I'm looking forward to the 12 month location, what kind of growth will show next month ♪

Yesterday the president of the Yulong ski resort invited us to the luncheon before the practice.

I entered the newly opened mountaintop restaurant for the first time.

The food and the view were amazing, too.

In the evening it was dinner after getting down to the first city of 11 month location.

I like Chinese seafood, I like it!
It fits the mouth rather than meat type. It was all delicious ♪

11 month location finishes safely and only afterwards.
Since the snowfalling work continues every day, 12 month location will have more courses in good condition!
Thanks to my boots, I am doing really well, so I'm looking forward to coming to next month's dragon ♪

12 month 2 day 3 day is Karuizawa early morning camp.

As there is vacancy, we welcome participation on the day ♪

Please come to the reception desk within the rest house of the Karuizawa Prince Ski Resort.

Receptionist: Center House 4: 10 - 4: 45
Gate practice:5Hour Lift Ride 7:30 Complete withdrawal (7:20 final ride)

GSS and Genbara (Aramaki Pro) are accepted at the same table.
Please be careful not to make a mistake for those who applied in advance or participate in the day.
I will be waiting for such a face ↓

I heard it from the tour guide (interpreter), but it seems that the skier who is now 250 name is currently staying in the hotel right under the dragon together with Japan and Korea.
As the Far East Cup FIS official tournament will be held from the beginning of next month 6 battlefield, there will be a purpose to participate in that competition. It is a very good practice environment, so it would be great if you could participate in the competition.
I hope snowboarding will be held for the Beijing Olympics as well as the FIS Asian Cup.

On the 12 moon 17 day we will hold the first professional warfare in China with Xie San and Mr. Lu as the center!

Even if you say professional warfare, there is no qualification certification system yet, so anyone can participate.
Since it will be held within the period of the GSS Yulong camp 12 month location, please look forward to the report ♪