2017 Yulong camp 2 news

Well, ~ Urawa last night was hot!
China's football popularity is high, I think that broadcasting on 5 channel = sports specialty channel of national CCTV · · · live broadcasting with 5 + (Five plus). I tried patrolling the whole 50 channels that I could see at the hotel in two laps but I could not find it and I managed to watch the net at some moment. (By the way, NHK can be seen on 48 channels, it seems to be broadcasting either comprehensive or educational depending on the time zone)

We also had a good practice in the second half of last week.
Course construction by snow machine is being steadily steadily day by day.
For the moment I will not go on a full-course charter, but I can calm down and practice in the environment protected by the net.

The gate course is roughly 30 seconds long.
The slope is gentle slope. I think that it is an ideal condition because it is a place where I want to habituate the sense of slipping the gate (line taking etc.) at the beginning of the season.

Is it about 500 m from the lift descents to the gate start?
It is also good to slide about twice the distance from the goal of the gate to the lift platform!
Because dislikes will also be free-runing, I instruct them to tackle tasks such as motivating themselves to be conscious in the gates.


As there are about ten participants in November, I am free when I am waiting (lol)

The hotel also has a gym which can be used for free at the hotel!

Is not it rare in the world that the environment is prepared so much including meals?
(However, it is hand washing only for washing (laugh) It may be somewhere just because I do not know ...)

The lunch menu is quite plentiful and will have over a month to win everything!
However, as there are so many spicy things, it is about half of the whole meeting the Japanese mouth?
I am not particularly crippled.

I'd like to thoroughly check balance and operation especially during this period!