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Introduction of Alflex Plate sales
2018/3/22 inform

Winter Tree Co., Ltd. has become an authorized distributor of Alflex Plate.

The official website will be prepared at a later date, but we will report it first on this GSS site.

As you can see from the high utilization rate of Alflex Plate in the Olympic Games, World Cup etc., the reliability from top players is extremely high.

There are several variations such as flex, pattern, color, etc. For your purchase and consultation, please contact us at the following.

Winter Tree Inquiry Form
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1) Flex
There are hard, middle and soft.

2) Pattern

Hardness varies depending on length, diagonal, and pattern.

3) Color

In addition, the torsion is soft, efforts were made of lightweight, there are U type, also H type.

U type: The torsion is soft and weight reduction is being measured.

H type: further than the U type, torsion is soft, lightweight has been scaled.

In addition, a screw hole for Alflex is necessary for the board.

For the time being, please contact below.

Winter Tree Inquiry Form
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The immediate order deadline will be April 20th (Friday).

Winter Tree WEB site (online shop)

2018_2019 Retail price list

2018_2019 Retail price list (PDF file)

OXESS spec table (English)

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