GS reinforced weeks this week on weekdays!

All the players who participated in the professional warfare, Hokkaido expedition cheers for good work.
I think that it was an expedition that gained something for both good and bad results.
I think that the feelings of wanting to level up for those who participated and those who did not participate are the same.
It is my role (GSS) to support such players.

GS reinforcement weekday weekday!
SL reinforcement week next weekday! !

By thoroughly performing the 1 events, we are planning to learn new discoveries and discovered things.

Those players participating throughout the season can utilize this strategy as much as possible, but members of society and people participating in One Day will be able to guarantee at least equal or equivalent, basically equal or better think.

Because I think that you can tell the findings gained while you are continuing every day even if you participate only on 1 days, which should surely be useful for something. There is also time to deal with individual consultation if it is a weekday.
Not only technical guidance, but also to talk about various things is glad for me. Please push my talk switch and bring out experience and knowledge.

So, I will inform you of GSS Sugadaira camp schedule of weekdays this week.

16 day GS Rice slope departement pole burn 1 turn (Middle slope start to gentle slope at 5-6 turns, gentle slope line picking, teach how to connect turns)

17 Day GS Okuten Slope Slope Paul Burn 1 (It is the same course as 16 day, but I set it at the PGS interval and I will practice a deeper turn I think that it is the optimum set & course setting for the turn skill)

18 Day GS Tsubakuro Slope Champion 4 (The first half of the course is a slightly steep slope in the middle of the 20 degree range, the second half is a gentle slope. The way to connect the speed to the gentle slope is an important strategy point dividing the winning.It is set at the PGS interval is)

19 day GS Tsubakuro slope champion 4 number (It is the same course as the previous day, but we will change the interval and refine the ability to cope with change.The total amount of technology and experience accumulated so far to capture Please lucky if you feel a challenge! It will grow equal ♪ ♪)

The flow of weekday exercise
Set 9: 00 lift station (quad lift for wood, pair lift for tobacco)
Practice 9: 00 ~ 10: 00 free-run practice
10:30~12:30 ゲート練習(ゲート練習から参加する場合は10時に集合してください)

* Weekday Gate practice may be extended depending on the situation.
** Video meetings are usually done after the gate exercise.
*** The above 2 reasons may cause lunchtime to be delayed, so prepare nutritional supplements and drinks.

Participation fee 5.000 Yen

It is welcome to attend the event.