It was good that I leave weekday as SL week this week.

Weekend practice & congratulations and good work.
Thanks to rain a few days ago, the slopes are ice burnn.
It was the best condition for gate practice! !
(Information at the end of the sentence has notice from 23 to 26 days)
Fun companions
On Sunday afternoon it was a DU gate.

It seems that each place is hit by heavy snow, but of course snow has also continued here in Nagano from the afternoon.
Even though I snowed a little while ago, it is already piled up ... How far will it accumulate during tonight?
I think that it will not be a disaster-grade heavy snow a couple years ago, but if too many piled up, the gate practice of tomorrow might be a bit tight? Tomorrow on 23 day Tuesday will be judged by the morning 7 by the second half of the year and we will inform you in the line group whether or not to practice gates.
If you are not in the line group and plan to join tomorrow please do not hesitate to call me.

Matsuri 090-6653-0353

Even so, it was good to keep this week's practice theme Slalom Week.
Even if snow is somewhat soft if it is SL, it will be practice!

By the way, last week's theme certified as Ikutaro level 9 and certain HENTAI rider was GS week.
In the case of Iceburn, it can be said that GS and SL are good gate practice burns, but GS just after heavy snow is a bit scary.
I am a coach, so I will not slip, but there are also cases that it seems scary to be looked at but still be careful.
Since it devises so as not to do dangerous digging even if the snow is soft, in many cases it is possible to arrange a good practice environment unexpectedly, but if possible, Burn is never better.

GS @ Grand Prix Course
GS @ Peak Course

Well, from being rakugo (from case to day after day) SL Gate practice.
If there is a chance I would like to put up a DU set again.

DU gate @ Paul Burn

Then we will inform you about the schedule of weekdays this week.

Common items
Place Sugadaira Pine Beak Ski Area Oomatsu Ski Slope

Meeting place No. X NUMX quad landing

Gate item SL

Participation fee Half day 4 thousand yen Full day 7 thousand yen

23 th 10 o'clock practice 10: 30 ~ 12: 30 (it is necessary to confirm whether to be held) Place Paul Burn 1

24th gathering 10 o'clock practice 10: 30 ~ 12: 30 place under the peak 1st

25th gathering 10 o'clock practice 10: 30 ~ 12: 30 place under the peak 1st

Practice at 10:00 on the 26th 10: 30 ~ 12: 30 & 14: 30 ~ 16: 30
Place Grand Prix or under the peak (ski resort is decided on the morning of the day)

Depending on the situation on the day, there is a possibility of doing a gate practice in the afternoon other than 26th.

Participation is welcome without jogging as usual ♪
Those who wish to participate please gather at the meeting time. If you do not meet the meeting time, please come to the course directly.

There is a possibility that the road surface under the snowfree is frozen.
Please come by safe driving in the street.
We are waiting at Sugadaira.