Announcement of year-end camp dates

The GSSX NUMXth season is finally starting!

At the time of 1998 years when there was not much gate practice environment that we were able to participate easily and individually,

<Provide a gate environment that anyone, anyone can participate>

And the concept,


Activities of GSS began with the goal of.

Since then the 19 season has continued to produce professional qualified players, and many players have been chosen for the national team.

And this season, Shinnosuke Shinano has grown to an unprecedented level of players and is fighting the World Cup!

Ironically, although it seems that the thresholds are more likely to be felt higher as the players and their players give out results, the concepts GSS raised are still breathing.

Everyone is a beginner at first.
And at the beginning it is natural that no one knows anything!
The gate of GSS is always open at full throttle.

<The environment where you can practice gates anytime anytime> has also been set up this season for 20 anniversary!

We are waiting for you everyone on the snow on Sugadaira.

You can join the GSS Gate Camp on the same day without a half day unit & reservation.

If you wish to participate, please come to the meeting place at the date of your request.

If you are worried about jumping suddenly, please call GSS representative: Matsuri (090 - 6653 - 0353).

My greetings have become long.

I will inform you of the camp dates of 12 month 28 day to 31 day.
Events, dates and slopes are all common to all 4 days. The course is scheduled for 2 days champion and 2 days panorama.

Event: SL

集合:菅平パインビークスキー場 ツバクロゲレンデ第1ペアリフト乗り場
(Please wait in a safe place not to disturb waiting for lift)


Morning 08: 15 afternoon 12: 00

練習 午前 08:30~10:30   午後 12:30~14:30

Video meeting 15: around 00 ~ ~ The venue will be announced on the day.

Participation fee Half day 4 thousand yen, Full day 7 thousand yen * Please pay when collecting.

Thank you for this season as well.