Junior course

Even if I say junior to a bite, there is a big difference between primary school students and high school students. Also, there is an individual difference for the same age, physically and mentally. So I am trying to instruct them according to the individual growth stages of junior players.

The leading characters are children!
That's why we will help our children to fulfill their dreams.

Also, in the junior age, I think that it is more important than ever to like snowboarding more than the top players.

In order to like it, it is necessary not only to be fun but also to repeatedly experience experiences of success, such as realizing the progress and giving good grades in the event.

To tell the truth, I also have an elementary school daughter and a son of a high school student.
The eldest son is already half independent, but as a parent, I face each other daily seriously with my daughter who is aiming for Nadeshiko.
Although the aims to compete are different, I think that it is positive for teaching children to realize the dreams of children who come to practice at GSS, the feelings of parents who deposit in real time.

For elementary school students, I think that a sample better than the theory (seeing fast players on a daily basis, sliding together) and a good practice environment are important. It's fun because it slides a lot.

For the junior and senior high school students, we will also teach the necessity of training that was in line with the developmental age in addition to the technical theory.

Although skill technology theory is taught directly until it can be understood, it is mainly to tell athlete and their parents about necessity of off training. The off season's hard work in family touring will be a big difference later.

In the case of a snowboard player, we live in a place far away from the leader for most of the year,

<Thinking yourself, the ability to do your best>

will become necessary. For that, I think that it is important to guide the goal as a snowboard player so that you can set it yourself, and to gradually clarify the path to achieving the goal.

I think that the most important thing is that the future of children is kept in mind, but please do not hesitate to point out if there are any points that do not reach!

Junior course participation fee:

Small · middle · high student · first year = 70.000 yen

* 12 You can participate in the exercises held on Saturdays-and-Sundays public holidays and winter vacation periods (public school standards in Tokyo) on 28 days to 3 months 18 days.
* In junior generations, athletes who practice at ski resort (or even during weekdays) are required to select a player course.
* Please consult about transfer from public transport.
* Each course, lift fee, various expenses incurred when participating in an expedition are separate charges.

Those who wish to apply please contact us from the "inquiry form" on this site.

Detailed explanation of racing program

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