Fellows who share their progress

The GSS celebrated its 20 anniversary. The 20th anniversary GSS

GSS (Global Snowboard Service) supplemented to 1998 year celebrated the 20 anniversary.

20 Respond to each customer 's needs with the player development system cultivated over the years and the latest technology and information abroad.

From top borders to gate beginners, fellows gather from across the country.

When leaving home, if one arrives at the slopes, everyone who is a friend and rival gathers there.

Occasionally compete, sometimes encourage. Fellows who can not make it in the daily life easily can join here.

The GSS gate lesson where everyone gathers, its features

◯ Preparing a reinforcement schedule throughout the season

(Each year, there is a proven record that prepares the entire gate season schedule in detail)

◯ Training with top players

Witness the secret of the speed of the top players, which is not conveyed by words and videos, leading to speed and skill.

◯ Time measurement, video meeting

If the weather is not very bad condition, time measurement and video meeting will be held every time.

We will also perform video delivery at lesson (planned)

◯ Ideal for improving skills such as free styler, SBX, technical type, race alone is not GSS.

◯ Video meeting
On snow, there are trends in guidance on gate tactics, skilling skills at meeting, form guidance
(Guidance on the sliding ones that must be corrected is guided even on snow)

Detailed explanation of racing program

GSS will continue to be with you, please let us know your request.

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