GSS snowboard camp
Reasons to keep faster

The secret of the speed of the GSS is in the history accumulated by the players.

Toward the 2017 / 2018 season

In 1998 year, GSS aimed to maintain and provide "an environment where you can practice gates whenever you want, anytime, anywhere", and started here in Sugadaira.

Since establishment, continuing to produce professional qualified athletes continuously in the 19 season, this season is a challenge to the continuation of the 20 season!

In addition, a number of Japanese representatives (snowboard national team & junior reinforcement designated athletes) of successive generations have also been produced, and now several players have been elected Japan representatives.

I will continue to aim for better guidance without longing for years of experience and achievement, I would like to continue making efforts to build a better practice environment and provide it to everyone.

Regardless of level, age or gender, I am looking forward to seeing you on Snowboarding with everyone who loves snowboarding!

2017 year 7 month 5 day GSS stands for pine

Activities at the Sugadaira Takine Plain Pine Beech Ski Area, which is a training environment, have earned high acclaim among many ski teams


And it is noteworthy that you can train gate from the end of the year (there are actuals held at the end of the year even for years with a small amount of snow). The start time of gate training has never been over. (If you wish, there is a Colorado camp in autumn as well)

Also, regardless of skiing or snowboarding, the level of the people who are skiing is high, and it is helpful only by looking at raw. You can witness the raw skidding of top players who can not get on photos and DVDs.

The appealing point of the GSS lesson menu is

◯ Preparing a reinforcement schedule throughout the season

(Each year, there is a proven record that prepares the entire gate season schedule in detail)

◯ Training with top players

Witness the secret of the speed of the top players, which is not conveyed by words and videos, leading to speed and skill.

◯ Time measurement, video meeting

If the weather is not very bad condition, time measurement and video meeting will be held every time.

We will also perform video delivery at lesson (planned)

◯ Ideal for improving skills such as free styler, SBX, technical type, race alone is not GSS.

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